May 18, 2010

1. Rev. Tom Correll, invited guest from Wooddale Church, spoke to the session about how Wooddale separates “missions” pledging from “general budget” pledging.
Faith Church has historically included giving for missions as a part of our “general budget.” Each year the session of Faith Church allocates a certain amount of the money in our “general budget” to support “missions.” For a number of years Wooddale Church has conducted two short pledge drives each fall, the first two weeks for “missions” and the second two weeks for the “general budget.” Rev. Correll spoke about how the process works in their church and the reasons they have chosen to continue allowing the giver to specify how much of their giving is for “missions” and how much is for the “general budget.” Wooddale’s experience has been that people in the congregation like having the ability to designate how many of the dollars they give will go to each budget. He said that people understand the need to support the “general budget” and that giving to the general budget has has not declined. People actually give more because they know the money they designate for “missions” will actually go to missions and not be used for another purpose. After explaining the process at Wooddale, Rev. Correll answered questions from our session members. This discussion was just for preliminary background information. At a future time our session may consider whether or not to try this approach at Faith Church.

2. New outdoor sign was approved.
The session approved a recommendation from the Communications Committee for a new “Faith Church” sign to replace the wood sign near the corner of Pioneer Road and Nelson Drive. The new two-sided sign will have lighting inside it. The sign will have a white background and will use our usual colors for the wording “Faith Church,” our cross insignia, our website address, and our street address number. The 4 by 8 foot sign is the largest allowed by the city ordinance. The sign will be mounted in a manner that enables us to change the angle of the sign for the best visibility since a curve in the road limits visibility from the west and hills in the terrain limit visibility from the east. Payment for the sign will be from funds previously designated for that purpose.

3. Hiring for “Student Ministries Associate” vacancy was approved.

Background note:  As was reported in the “Summer 2010” edition of Faith in Action, Jake Stodolka, our Student Ministries Associate, has decided to resign because he feels called to modify his career path and pursue work in Urban Ministries. Denny Burda, our Director of Family Ministries, will cover the “Student Ministries Associate” functions until a replacement staff member is hired.

The session voted to approve hiring a replacement half-time “Student Ministries Associate”  to fill the position that will be vacant when Jake’s resignation becomes effective. The session’s approval was conditional on approval of the job description and search process by the Personnel Committee in consultation with Stacey Hurrell and Debbie Knutson from Family Ministries. This sequence of steps was chosen to expedite the process so that availability of the position can be publicized early in June.

Note:  June 1, 2010 update from Personnel Committee 

Stacy Hurrell, Debbie Knutson (elders on the session who lead the Family Ministries Committee) and Denny Burda (Director of Family Ministries) met with the Personnel Committee on June 1, 2010. All questions were answered to the satisfaction of everyone present. The group reviewed and discussed the job description. The Personnel Committee voted to approve the hiring and authorized Denny to post the vacancy at the conclusion of the meeting. 

The initial search committee will consist of:  Senior Pastor Chris Carlson, Pastor Buck Day, Denny Burda, Stacey Hurrell, and Debbie Knutson. Final selection from the group of finalists will be made by Denny Burda, subject to approval by Pastor Day and Pastor Carlson. Applications will be received through the month of June and the interviewing process will begin in July. When someone is selected for the position, the date for that person to start work will be as soon as possible so they can prepare for the program year.

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